6 Simple Ways to Become a Confident Birth Photographer


Waiting to specialize in birth photography will halt your business in 2021!

Here's why:

In 2019, photographers often complained how saturated their market was with more people choosing to specialize in birth photography.

Today, photographers are stepping away from birth due to COVID restrictions, which means much more opportunity for you than previous years!

With home births and birth center births on the rise + hospitals opening up to more visitors... right now is the time to get your business in order & learn everything you need so you can hit the ground running when hospitals fully open back up! 

In this 60 minute training, you'll learn:


1. 3 simple ways to master your camera so that you're confident shooting in manual and getting crisp images every time.


2. The secret to preparing your life and business for being on-call so that your clients trust you!


3. Why my storytelling method is the best way to empower moms with their birth stories.

4. How to go from nervous about changing light conditions to confident shooting in any location using what you'll learn in step 3 of the training.

You'll leave feeling clear, confident and ready to serve families with birth photography & build lifelong clients so that you can grow a thriving, successful business!

This training is for you if: 

  • You're worried you can't specialize in birth photography right now.
  • You've photographed less than 10 births.
  • You're don't think you're good enough to charge a lot (or at all).
  • You're new to birth photography and aren't sure where to start learning all the things. 

A Note From Instructor...

Hey y'all, I'm Tavia! 

After photographing well over 100 births and becoming known as a birth photographer, I was able to grow my business to six figures and retire my husband from his corporate job.

My family of 5 lives solely on my income, and I want to show you my 6 step process to confidently photographing birth!

See you in the training!

- Tavia